EMT - Fargo Online Registration

Ensure you sign up for all three classes and that the sessions match (Deposit for Fall, Lab for Fall, Main for Fall, etc.).

  1. EMT Deposit: Link to SanfordLearn (or search for ci-5800)
  2. EMT Main:     Link to SanfordLearn (or search for ci-5801)
  3. EMT Lab:       Link to SanfordLearn (or search for ci-5802) *For Fall and Spring EMT classes, you need to pick either the Thursday evening (Fargo), Fargo Weekend, or a local, non-Fargo, lab option. For example, we may have a lab in Fessenden on the weekend. If you live closer to there than to Fargo, sign up for that lab. There is only one choice for the summer bootcamp lab.