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These recertification courses have been CAPCE approved.

Please read the following information. 


You must be registered at least 12 hours prior to scheduled course.

Failure to register or late registration will result in loss of credit.   Register Here

Log in at least 10 minutes prior to schedule start time. 

Audio connection is required. Video connection is recommended. 

Course Attendance.

Multiple random check-ins will occur during the course. Failure to check-in when requested to do so by the course proctor will result in loss of credit. 

Having problems? 

If you have connection problems at any time, please contact us at 701.936.5639

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August 29, 2022 

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September 26, 2022Join Session xkMcSMnm257  
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January 7, 2023Join Session 9Em43UqySXY 
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February 27, 2023 Join Session  UDtH8Xk33aJ